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Celebrities that served jail time

We love celebrities and how talented they are, we enjoy observing their work of art weather it is movies, music or sports. We indulge not only In their professional life’s but their personal matters as well but how much do we really know about who they are, in the intention of knowing that let’s look at celebrities that have been incrassated through their lifetimes.

Frank Sinatra has been charged with seduction and adultery in 1938, while he was only 23. But he spent less than a day in jail.

Actor Danny Trejo is no stranger to having a ran in with the law as he spent 11 years going in and out of prison for robbery and drug trafficking in the 60’s and early 70’s. He has stated that his last sentence was as long as 5 years. Maybe Danny Trejo has more in common with the badass characters he plays than we think.

It’s unbelievable to even think of Martha Stewart doing anything vile let alone spending time in prison but she has. She served 5 months for conspiracy, obstruction of an agency proceeding and making false statements to federal investigators.

Christian Slater is another high profile actor who has served jail time. He has actually been arrested four times. He’s longest run was 59 days for assaulting his girlfriend while intoxicated.

Michelle Rodrigues is another star who has had a ran in with the law. She had been arrested for a DUI and was sentenced for 6 months but only served 18 days due to overcrowding.

From 2010-2013, Wesley Snipes has also served 3 years for tax evasion

Mark Wahlberg was only 16 when he attacked an individual and served 45 days. This could be due to his rough childhood.

Jarule went to jail in 2010 for illegal possession of a weapon. His first sentence was increased to 28 months due to him not paying his taxes.

Robert Downy jr. could be the last person you’d think has served jail time but he did. He trespassed into his neighbors’ residence under the influence and slept on one of their beds during the time he was on parole from getting charged with the possession of heroin, cocaine and a weapon, while speeding. But this wasn’t the reason he went to prison it was because he failed to appear for a court ordered drug test. he got a 3 year sentence but served a year.

Boxer Mike Tyson is another celebrity who served 3 years of jail time for a rape charge.

Musician Paul McCartney has also served 10 days in Tokyo before being deported to the UK in the 80’s the beetle member was charged for the possession of marijuana.

Tim Allen is another actor who spent time in jail. Two years to be exact for pleading guilty to trafficking 1.4ibs of cocaine.

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