Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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‘Logan’: Hugh Jackman, as the Wolverine, goes out fighting


Logan had an impeccable opening weekend, breaking big bucks at the box office which is no surprise for a Marvel franchise but this movie is a bit different from the past X men series as it has a somber, darker and more violent feel much like the 2016’s R rated Marvel movie Dead pool. Logan is a film for those who grew up with the 17 year old franchise since the first X men movie came out, and are now ready for the violent and more vulgar part that is Logan. The movie is set in 2029, Texas. Where Wolverine is no longer part of the X men but a weaker, older looking limo driver in a world where mutants are going extinct. He embarks on a journey of getting a young mutant named Laura portrayed beautifully by Daphne Keen to safety joined by the professor that is Charles Xavier portrayed by Patrick Stewart. Through the course of the movie these three try to run away from the reavers which are an army of cyborgs led by Donald Pierce portrayed by Boyd Holbrook. These Cyborgs and Zander rice; the man they take orders from portrayed by Richard E. Grant, are said to be essential characters in the Marvel universe. The movie is different from its past sequels in that it has a sense of departure and finality. On top of this the story and the beautiful performance by Hugh Jackman give it tragic feel. In short it was the perfect finale to a great franchise.

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