Wednesday, August 22, 2018
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Tom and Nicole ‘to team up in movie’

Are the exes about to reunite on the big screen?

It’s been nearly 20 years since they last appeared together on-screen, but could Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman be teaming up for another film?

In a case of art imitating life, New Idea reports that Tom has reached out to his ex-wife in the hopes Nic will agree to star alongside him in a “French-style movie” about a divorced couple that fall in love again.

Nicole and Tom starred together in the 1999 exotic film Eyes Wide Shut, and the publication adds that the 54-year-old actor wants to keep up the saucy relationship-themed movies with his ex!

“Nic was stunned when Tom reached out to her about working together again,” a source tells the mag.

“And she was even more taken aback about what he had in mind… especially as he wants them to do love scenes.”

Following their 2001 divorce, tensions between Hollywood’s former golden couple have been widely reported, however the outlet adds Tom’s offer to work together is a way of making things up to the 49-year-old Big Little Lies actress.

New Idea adds that surprisingly, Nicole is even considering the offer!

“Nicole used to get the shivers if she was in the same vicinity or even city as Tom… now she’s actually looking forward to it, in a big way. She wants to give him a hug and remind him life’s too short for grudges.”

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